Capri could be described as one of the most beautiful islands in the world and so for this reason alone has attracted tourists since ancient times. In fact the Emperor Tiberius chose it as his home and it is still possible to visit the ruins of his roman villa.
The famous square has been visited by the celebrated writers, artists and politicians of recent centuries.
It is enough to name the renowned writer Axel Munthe, whose villa in the hills of Anacapri is one of the main tourist attractions of the island.
Thousands of tourists visit Capri on a daily basis throughout the year and it is a favorite amongst the VIPs and the jet set of today. The island is easily reached by ferry from Sorrento port or by private boat from Marina del Cantone (which can be booked by completing the relevant form) and includes a trip round the island. Both places are easily reached by service bus from the bus stop at a short distance from the hotel.
The island of Capri is a series of cliffs, caves and grottos, of which the most famous is the Blue Grotto with its magical luminous effects.
The celebrated “Faraglioni” (rock stacks) are the spectacular landmark which can be found on many of the postcards of Capri.