The Hotel Sant’ Agata is situated on what was once called the “Viale dei sospiri” (because of the breathtaking views) along which one may embark on an enchanting day out stopping first in Termini, one of the ancient hamlets of Massa Lubrense which is opposite the island of Capri.
It is at this point that one of the most delightful roads on the Sorrentine peninsula begins: Il Nastro D’oro (the golden ribbon).
This country road, as yet unspoilt by tourism, offers a beauty and tranquility that gives one the feeling of being in paradise.
The winding coastal road offers magical views of Capri, Ischia and Vesuvius.
A brief detour to Annunziata is well worthwhile to appreciate the wonderful panorama from the terrace of Gioacchno Murat’s villa. One may make this journey by car or alternatively by an open-top bus or an ego gastronomic tour; the bus stop for both the “ Sorrento Citysightseeing “ and the “ Due Golfi Train Tour”is at a short distance from the Hotel.


From the Hotel Sant’ Agata along a winding hillside road dominated by luxurious vegetation, one can enjoy alternate views of the Sorrentine coastline and that of the Amalfi coastline.
The Amalfi coast is a breathtaking spectacle where only the road separates the Mediterranean scrub of mountainside which plunges into the rich blue of the uncontaminated sea.
In 1997 the Amalfi coast was declared as being a world patrimony of mankind by UNESCO.
There is also a public bus service which goes along the Amalfi drive and the bus stop is a short distance from the hotel.